abc003.gif Pricing is based on the size and age of the home. The larger or older the home, the more time the inspection will probably take.
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So you've made an offer on your home. What's Next?

When you call to book your inspection, please have the following information:
  • Square footage of finished area
  • Age of the home
  • Basement or crawlspace.

A detached garage is included in the base price.
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Single Family Home 0-2499 SFT Call for Quote
Single Family Home 2500-2999 SFT Call for Quote
Single Family Home Over 3000 SFT Call for Quote
Multiple Family Home Call for Quote
Condo/Townhome Deduct from above for SFT $10.00
Over 50 Years Old Add $20.00
Crawlspace Add $10.00
Electronic Radon Testing With Home Inspection $Call
Electronic Radon Testing Without Home Inspection Call**
Potable Water Sample Bacteria & Nitrates Call
  • ** - $50 additional trip charge over 60 miles (Radon Sampling)
    Additional Services:
    • Duplex/Condo Inspections
    • Motel/Apartment Inspections
    • Construction Draw Inspections
    • Commercial Retail Store Surveys
    • Radon Testing
    • Septic & Well testing & Inspection (Subcontracted - available in certain areas only)
    • New Home Construction Inspections & Punchlists
    • 11th month new construction warranty inspections
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  • My Promise to You.

    Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet me until after you hire me. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and yes, different pricing. One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires work, a lot of work. Ultimately a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s own effort. If you honor me by permitting me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort.
    This I promise you.

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