Comments from our past clients

Kim and I both feel you did a really good job for us.
Thanks Kevin!
Benjamin and Kim N. - Stevens Point, WI

Thanks for the detailed report, it appears that you've done an excellent job with the inspection. My wife and I do appreciate your work.
We won't hesitate to recommend you to others.
Adam P. - Stevens Point, WI

Thank you so much for giving us such a thorough inspection, we are very pleased with the job you've done for us! If this home doesn't end up working out for us, we'll certainly contact you for any future inspections!
Thanks again, and have a great weekend!
Ashley B. - Amherst, WI

Thanks very much for the very thorough inspection and quick turnaround of an easy to understand report! We appreciate your hard work and great results.
Warm regards,
W. Fritz - Marion, WI

Kevin, Thank you for the detailed and thorough inspection of this property. Based on your findings my wife and I have decided to reconsider purchase of this residence. I trust that you could support the legitimacy of this decision were it called into question. I can assure you that we will contact you when we have found another property of interest to us. I also appreciate the promptness in which we received the report.
Thank You,
Mike H. - Stevens Point, WI

Kevin, Marvelous. A pleasure to meet you and I appreciate your expertise. I will be recommending you and Ill be sure that my Realtor gets you on her list, too. Thanks again!
Jon F. - Madison, WI

Kevin was very friendly and put things in terms that even I could understand. I am very grateful that Kevin was able to inspect the home in such a short time and that he was thoughtful in working around my work schedule so that I could be involved. I found his inspection and suggestions very insightful. I am extremely satisfied with the inspection all around.
Corinna B. - Neilsville, WI

I was very pleased with my report. You did a very thorough job. I don't really have any others to compare you to and I'm glad. To me, you are the best. :~) Hopefully I will get my concerns cleared up so that I may proceed with the purchase of the house. You can best believe, this won't be the last time I see you. Thanks again. Have a great day!
Cassandra W., Milwaukee, WI

Kevin's inspection saved me thousands in possible repair costs. I will definitely utilize his services again.
David E., Beaver Dam, WI

First of all, I want to thank you for your help. The report was excellent. We ended up receiving back a price reduction on the basis of the report, which I think is appropriate. You provided good technical advice that gave us a good idea of what we were getting into. Thanks again.
Sandy L, Chicago, IL

Kevin, I appreciate the time taken to explain things, answer questions, etc. Report was very informative and has proven to be a productive tool in getting improvements made. Circuit breaker box, gas line, smoke detector, and faucet airator problems have already been fixed. Tomorrow the warranty insurance company will be checking out the hot water heater and a full replacement has been requested. The overall prompt response and follow-through has been excellent. I would highly recommend your services! Thanks again.
Betty B. Milwaukee, WI

This property was almost in foreclosure, so there was no negotiating price. (I would have tried, under other circumstances, based on the inspection.) I knew there would be problems identified, and ordered the home inspection more for my own benefit, so that I would know exactly what I was walking into. I thought the inspection was very thorough and professionally done, and would be happy to recommend ABC Home Inspection to other potential customers. The photos were especially appreciated, since I live a distance from the property, and hadn't seen it for almost 2 months. The information enclosed in the report will be helpful to me in planning and prioritizing repairs and maintenance.
Thank you for a job well done.

Deborah M. - Mukwanago, WI

Kevin pointed out why our utiliies bills for heating were so high and that is a good thing, they were shown to the property owner who has said that he would take care of the situation but has done nothing. The leaking roof around the chimney is a big item that the property owner was not aware of so the pictures of this damage appeared to carry more creditability than talking about it. The inspector Kevin McMahon definitely knows his business and was in his element throughout the inspection, I was provided a detailed report that is shows all of the problems with pictures and written feedback. Thank you for an excellent job well done.
Robert S. - Tomah, WI

Kevin, very nice job and I do appreciate your time as well as your expertise.
I just spoke to the current owner and he's knocking a few thousand off the price of the house.
Thanks again for all of your work.

Trista K. - Chicago, IL

I would like to thank you for your timely and complete inspection report. You did an excellent job with the report. I will gladly refer your buisness to anyone I can. Again I would like to thank you for your honesty and timely service.

Levi F. - Almond, WI

You worked your butt off on my inspection. Nice job! Thanks so much.

Bill L. - Amherst, WI

Thank you for doing inspection for me yesterday. I got it (the report) and just finished reading it. It's a very good report with detailed information in it. I like it. Thank you for your hard work again. Have a nice day.
L.Y. - Madison, WI

My first experience with a home inspector did not turn out so great, but you really instilled me with a lot of confidence because you were so thorough. Very much appreciated the tips you gave during the inspection. They were really helpful. Thank you.
Dan S - Hayward, WI

Let me just say how impressed I was with your report. You are very thorough! Thank you.
Karen W. - Forest Lake, MN

Your report is very thorough and professional. I will not hesitate to refer you to my friends. Thank you.
John S. - Ladysmith, WI

The report was very well done thank you again.
Sandi D. Realtor/Client - Dousman, WI